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Due to this, we are selling 2 C-B PILLS at incredibly low pricing. People frequently upload 2C-B only to receive something quite different in the mail. You can never, ever, ever be certain of what is contained in your pills or powders unless. Of course, you check them first. Furthermore, despite the screening, you cannot be certain that it is entirely free of dangerous ingredients. Though most end users describe very obvious free space with significantly less psychological disorientation, the visible effects of 2C-B are typically much more intense than those produced by LSD or magic mushrooms.

Mixing stimulant medicines with alcohol can significantly enhance the risks associated with mixing 2C drugs and alcohol. By all means,  it’s difficult to forecast how a 2C medication will make you feel. Again, just like it is with all prescription psychedelics, some 2Cs are far more psychedelic than others. Furthermore, the knowledge is more likely to be overwhelming and out of control the more you take.

Summarily, depending on the dose, the person, and the contents of their abdomen, the primary effects may last 4 to 8 hours. With this in mind, if consumed orally without first lying down on an empty stomach. Importantly, the effects may take a little longer but may also be slightly diminished. 2-c-b-pills for sale

Your LD50 of 2C-B is not currently known, although it is thought to be substantially better than the energy dose. Alexander Shulgin noticed that a 100 mg oral dose was consumed without seeming to be harmful. Possibility of abuse and addiction. Most stimulants, including amphetamines, go into withdrawal almost immediately, leaving users feeling extremely miserable. 2C-B is substantially milder and more progressive. All 2C-X medications’ half-lives can be greatly increased and prolonged by MAO-B in unforeseen ways.


Because alpha-MT alone has the potential to be an MAOI, using it with other medicines can be extremely risky. Fortunately, in addition to feeling at one with your environment (similar to ecstasy). Especially, when taken in smaller dosages, you also experience what is known as generally mind-boggling “visuals. To point out, which are most common when taken in bigger concentrations.

Quantities Doses It’s difficult to predict how you’ll actually feel when using a 2C drug, as it is with other psychedelic substances, and certain 2Cs have stronger psychedelic effects than others. The expertise will become more intense and out of control the more you consume. The first and only subreddit devoted to 2C-B, the synthetic phenethylamine used in hallucinogenic drugs and created by Alexander Shulgin.

His subreddit intends to promote 2C-B knowledge and awareness, pain treatment, and safety, as well as serve as a forum for productive debate. If used carefully, these medications are not very likely to result in an undesired or undesirable effect, and taking them together can function considerably better than taking them individually. 2-c-b-pills for sale

Often, the additional inspection must be completed right before mixing the medications. Normally, pairing 2C-B and cannabis is not harmful, but cannabis has an unexpectedly potent and unpredictable interaction with psychedelics, so use caution when doing so. Normally, pairing 2C-B and cannabis is not harmful, but cannabis has an unexpectedly potent and unpredictable interaction with psychedelics, so use caution when doing so.


True synthetic psychedelic substance 2C-B induces euphoria and uplifted feelings. Although not much is known about this substance, 2C-B is currently in the spotlight because of its reputation in the nightlife. A surge of negative emotions like fear, rage, or despair may hit some customers, while others may experience nausea, vomiting, gas, or diarrhea. 2-c-b-pills for sale

The overall social experience for users should be improved, yet chatting with someone else can be challenging or perplexing. While 2C-B is taking effect, it is usual to have introspective thoughts along with increased empathy and a relaxed attitude. Even at moderate to high doses, 2C-B’s cognitive effects have frequently been described as equally perceptive and generally typical within their postulated processes.

They are frequently described as being in the midst of the LSD and MDMA spectrum. Higher doses (much over fifteen mg) cause powerful hallucinogenic effects similar to LSD, psilocybin, or mescaline, while lower doses of roughly five mg provide effects extremely similar to MDMA or Adderall. Some 2C-B trips can eliminate a person’s sensation of discord with their environment because, like with other hallucinogens, they are tinged with paranoia. 2-c-b-pills for sale

There is absolutely no evidence to date of interactions between the contraceptive pill and 2C-B. When used with great caution, this combination is unlikely to result in an unwanted or unwanted reaction. Although there is no clear interaction between the 2 drugs, remember that tricyclic antidepressants can enhance the effects of benzodiazepines.


The people he rubs elbows with will have access to more prescription medications than earlier generations, but they’ll also belong to a cohort with a strong understanding of harm reduction and a high prevalence of daylong hangovers. rendered impossible by weekend work, independent performances, and the desire to launch your own company. The effects are comparable to those of magic mushrooms and LSD. 2-c-b-pills for sale

Working with DMT is sometimes referred to as “triggering,” which may either be a terrific or dreadful work experience. Despite the lack of likelihood of physical danger, there is a higher risk of nausea and other unfavorable side effects. Grass amplifies the impact of the holidays. Cannabis will intensify the high and make the trip more enjoyable, as it does with the majority of psychedelics.

I really prefer smoking pot with 2C-B, however, bear in mind that many terrible trips can begin with weed, even while using much superior psychedelics. So, if this is what you truly want, decide for yourself; I’m not fighting on their behalf. When compared to MDMA, 2C-B is sometimes described as being extremely energetic and invigorating. Higher doses can produce a very convincing effect that motivates end users to move physically, like dancing.


As a matter of fact, 2C-B and cannabis typically don’t interact badly. Lastly, cannabis has a surprising amount of synergy with psychedelics and is very unpredictable around them. 2-c-b-pills for sale

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